There is something new at our B&B

An idea was born:  we need a firepit for the summer!  Thoughts were put into action.

The layout was designed and our guys – Dave and John – gathered rocks from the property. And then we all went to work.  With the help of our tractor, 4-wheeler, 3 human rock-carrying “machines” (John, Carol and Martina) as well as our supervising Dave (slightly handicapped due to injury), rocks were stacked to build the perfect circle.


Rocks, rocks and more rocks.  Oh, and we need some boulders to sit on …  oh, and we need the firewood.  The chainsaw was quickly activated and chop, chop, chop, the firewood was ready.



Who knew that by the end of the night we would sit with our guests around the fire cooking s’mores!

And fun was had by all.  The End.


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