Grape Fest, Grape Fest, Grape Fest!

That is the talk of the town! While Naples holds its annual Grape Fest since 1961, this is our first year experiencing it and we are very excited already!  Just one more week, September 29-30 is the big Grape Fest weekend!

We heard that the whole town turns into festival grounds and this is what we learned so far:  2 days full of arts & crafts, music, food, wine and, of course, the famous grape pies.  There is even a grape pie contest!  It comes with awards, prizes and – probably even more important – bragging rights! Who will win this year?

The Memorial Town Hall is the epicenter of it all.  You’ll find the wine walk (yum, wine tasting anybody?), music, arts & crafts right around it.  Directly across is the High School.  Here are more artists and crafters and food, food and food trucks.

We sure hope for nice weather so that we can all enjoy the festivities.  Did I mention that we are excited?









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