…. and more Grape Fest

The world famous Grape Fest was last weekend.  Now I know why people come from far.  This is the biggest event in the entire region!

Grape Pie

And the grape pies!  Naples is famous for it and they have grape pie contests every year.




People along Main Street

The weather was perfect and thousands of people were able to enjoy the different booths of the festival, all along both sides of Main Street – from one end of town to the other.





We were warned about the traffic – and, yes, it was bad but nothing compared to Atlanta, Georgia!






FallLots of Arts & crafts (could have been more for my taste though)





Beautiful wood crafts

Wood craftsWine crates


Bobby Henrie and Aaron Lipp

Great music!  Here are two of the local favorites:  Bobby Henrie and Aaron Lipp.  They were lots of fun to listen to





Crowds around Memorial Town Hall

and food, food and food.  Holy moly, there were soooo many food vendors




The entire town was decorated in purple.  There was literally purple everywhere, grape everything:

Festival Flag

Grape Popcorn    Grape Apples


Purple portapotties

Even the potties were purple!  🙂






Overall, it was a perfect Grape Fest 2018 and was voted the Best Festival in the Finger Lakes!!  Best Festival in the Finger LakesCongratulations!!




Red Cat

Hope to see y’all next year!!  Cheers!  You know where to stay  🙂


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